Posted by: Jimely Flores | October 11, 2014

Exercise is fun with these sweatbands


I do not love bringing a sweat towel everytime
I go for a walk. So I sat with my stash of yarns and crochet my own sweatbands. I went for bright colors as I found them helpful in waking me up from the stupor of laziness.
I am now enjoying more of my walks even in the hot sun with these crocheted sweatbands to absorb the sweat before it drips to my eyes. And I could stay fashionable while sweating out. I love life!

Posted by: Jimely Flores | May 4, 2014

My crocheted market bag


I am a public market person. I love shopping for my fresh fruit and vegetable supplies from local producers. This bag is sturdy and stretchable to accomodate the results of my shopping spree.

Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 16, 2014

How not to be bored

With all the different media surrounding us, boredom should not be a popular word, yet ‘i am bored’ is typically heard from people. I was even shocked to hear it from a 5-years old kid while holding on to his mother’s tablet playing game.

So I got curious about it. I searched my life for my bored moments. I am surprised that I mostly have the bored times in a crowd. I went further, I asked friends of their bored moments and I got diverse answers. So boredom is really personal. Yet I thought there should be at least some general solution in avoiding boredom. And the more i think about it, it suddenly came to me…. laugh, laugh laugh if its safe or just smile if laughing would be uncomfortable…. and the heavy feeling of boredom is eased up. Then you could think on what to do afterwards to fully get out of being bored.

Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 16, 2014

Mindful Meditation with crochet

Mindful meditation does not entail sitting in one style, the practitioner may simply focus at the moment in a place and with a position most comfortable to him or her. I usually do mine sitting on the floor with my crochet project on hand when I want to affirm the health and usefulness of my creativity and hands.

My mindful meditation usually start with feeling the sensations on my feet, back, neck and head to ensure they are in relaxed position. Then I pick up my tools and start crocheting. I focused solely on the movement of my hands, freeing my mind from everything. I could finished one project (usually a small purse or hanging towel topper) on several sessions. This is one of the mindful meditation techniques I found very effective.


Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 15, 2014

I am blessed-2

Fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the career path I followed, I grounded my entire two feet on the ground. I never expected any job security nor constant flow of income and I chose a very simple thrifty lifestyle.

In my quest for truth and knowledge, I am blessed with the friendships of hunger and poverty, lose of assumed friendships and gained true friends. I have traversed the unknown path, sometimes losing my way, fall down, hurt, broken, stab in the back… But I always emerged with a strengthened spirit, secure in the truth that God is always there with me, and embracing the love and care of true friends and kind people.

As the dawn gives way to morning, my gratitude overflows because I know I am blessed. I still do not know what this path leads but I am secure I am not alone and blessings will be constantly flowing.

Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 15, 2014

Untruthful reporting for the Philippines BSC industry-2

The first series was entitled Mis-information malaises in the news for the BSC Philippines industry. published in this blog on 07 December 2013. Please refer to it for the background of this follow up article.

Since I started correcting the false reports regarding the official adoption of the Joint Administrative Order, cascading events had happened, head rolled, organizations were put into hot seats. Are these consequences of the lie perpetuated by this person in the said industry who wrote untruthful reports and passed on to the innocent press who in turn believed that the articles speaks of the whole truth as it is coming from a well respected institution? Unfortunately not all of the facts presented are true.

Misleading the innocent public, your superiors and colleagues with untrue reports is very unprofessional. Using your organization’s name to perpetuate lies is even worst. Sometimes this could also be seen as underhanded manipulation. The blindfolded weighing scale of the Universe favors the TRUTH.

We, Filipinos, would like to see that law enacted. But it has to undergo the rigorous processes of consultation, and that is what is happening now. Consultation is a process to help make any law robust, practical and fair and it is even one of the parameters used to measure a country’s economic standing. Obviously, this lier may not be a Filipino and do not respect our laws.

My suggestions:
1. For the BSC industry: advise this person to stay TRUTHFUL , it is always good to prepare press releases but strive to be a courier of truth and not a harbinger of lies and malice, and
2. For the consumers: to stay watchful for any green washed hues.

Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 10, 2014

I am blessed

Life coaches said I attract whatever kind of people I met. I am puzzled. My experiences made me ask lots of question. I do not have answers on those. I know however, there are always positive side in negative events. I believe in the just and loving ways of the Universe. I may not understand everything now but I know that the best will always overcome the worst.

Then I realized that those could be signs of my personal growth and I know I am blessed. I am now leaving everything into the hands of the Most High, while keeping on with my journey, secure that the loving arms of the Universe is always with me.

I am as excited as a child preparing for a new adventure. :) :) :).

Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 10, 2014

Thank you Ms. Jel and Ms. Lanie

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Jel and Ms. Lanie, both are employees of the DCWD.

Ms. Jel went out of her table and desk to help me prepare the request for the transfer of payment as well as the necessary attachments. She generously offered possible solution to correct my payment mistakes. The hope and help she offered is something uncommon nowadays in the service provider sectors. She is an employee to emulate.

Ms. Lanie was the one in-charge in the final processing of my request. As was warned by Ms. Jel the photocopied attachment may not be enough. Ms. Lanie went out of her way to call me and inform me of the necessary submission of the original ones. Again that is an act belonging to best service category.

This is to note that the amount discuss here is just 500.00pesos. If only all of our service providers are like them, this world will be the best place to live in. Salute to both of you and to all your kinds!

Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 7, 2014

I felt sad

One afternoon in a big mall as i walked behind a family, i overheard the father explaining to his daughters why they could not have one of the toys they apparently love to have. The father is loudly explaining that those kinds of toys are just for the masses and it definitely not appropriate for their social status. Curious, I walked alongside them, they are of chinese or korean descent, good flawless skins and branded apparels. Yes they seem to be really rich.

But then I do not believe such is a good lesson to be incalculated in the lasses minds, it speaks of discrimination to the core. I wonder how those little misses would grow up with parents like that. I just pray their kinds are the minorities in our society.

Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 30, 2014

Closing Davao Gulf may not be the best option-2

The first blog with the same title was mistakenly removed by the author.

Davao Gulf is a body of water in the southeastern Philippines bounded by the Provinces of Davao del Sur (10 Municipalities including Davao City), Davao del Norte (3), Compostela Valley (3) and Davao Oriental (4). These coastal municipalities are populated with highly diverse cultural, religious and ethnic heritages. To name some ethnic groups (mentioned in no particular order): Bisaya, Ilokano, Waray, Ilongo, Tausog, Maranao, Samal, Tagalog, etc); within which are still very diverse cultural and ethnic niches. The continous waters of Davao Gulf do not reflect the subtle cultural boundaries that exist on land.

Davao Gulf is also a body of water with so much natural resources capital. The natural resources and socio-economic assessment of Davao Gulf was conducted by the University of the Philipines in the Visayas. Some of the commercially important species such as the large and small pelagic fishes are also monitored by BFAR 11.

At present there is a move to close the Gulf for certain fishing activities. That could be good but unfortunately the reasons of the closure is not well established. There is no solid evidence and relationships between the problems presented, the status of the resources and the solutions. Adding insult to injury, there is further no solid plan for a successful compliance and implementation of the proposed closure regulation.

In the roster of management schemes and tools available, closure is the last and most severe option. And it should be done most carefully as the impacts are great. In the case of Davao Gulf, the basic requirements were not even available. These are: characterization and quantification of the socio-economic impacts of closure considering the diverse culture of stakeholders, current status of the resources, in-depth analysis of the issues and problems and a solid and practical management scheme with appropriate timeline and achievable goal. Without these basic information, even the most severe management scheme will not work. Worst it may just create more complex problems.

I therefore urge the proponents of the closure to be more mindful of the ecosystem web. Nothing exists in isolation, life’s network is not a linear twine but a web of myriad interconnections that a single capsule could not relieve all fevers. Closure is not the single solution to all fisheries problems.

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