Posted by: Jimely Flores | December 23, 2008

Simple Eco-Friendly Practices These Holiday Seasons

Simple Eco-Friendly Practices These Holiday Seasons

  1. Buy gifts that are eco-friendly such as books (for families and friends of all ages) and washable and washing machine friendly hanging towels (see pictures).
  2. Wrap your gifts in eco-friendly ways with creativity:

· Carefully removed the wrappers from the wrapped-gifts you received and keep them folded nicely and re-use those wrappers.

· Use wrappers that are from re-cycled papers and other materials.

· Be creative, there are a lot of materials in your surroundings that you could decorate and use as gift-packaging materials.

· Use your gift as the gift-wrapping itself.

· Avoid from using plastics and other non-biodegrable materials.

  1. Sometimes non-material gifts are even nobler than the material ones. Non-material gifts are word of affirmations to your friends and love ones, your presence, your touch, you smile and your hugs and prayers.
  2. Decorate with recycled materials and biodegrable ornaments.
  3. And avoid polluting the environment with fireworks and risking health and lives with firecrackers.

Be creative! There are better ways to enjoy Christmas and the New Year …



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