Posted by: Jimely Flores | September 6, 2009

Return of the “oil regulation policy” is not the solution on the unfair increases of fuel prices in the Philippines

Its true that the fuel prices hike in the Philippines at present is not reflective of the real world oil prices. That there is a grain of truth in the accusations of some sectors that the big oil companies are just on the rampage of amassing gains and profits against the Filipinos. Yet the commonly proposed re-installation of the “oil regulation policy” and removal of EVAT imposed in the oil and fuel products is not a prudent solution. It will just be a thin patch-up solution to the profusely leaking problem of the oil industry which is our dependence to imported and pollution-laden fuels, which are produced by countries whose values encourages terrorism. Pollution-laden fuels exposing the Filipinos to carcinogenic, respiratory and metabolic disruptor substances. Fuels which by-products accelerates global warming. In effect, fuels that kills humanity.

I am fully convinced that the only way to curb the greed of the giant oil companies operating in the country, save ourselves from sickness, and save humanity is not through lifting oil deregulation and taxes. The solution is to pool all our resources (mind, talent, education and money) into looking for renewable energy sources, where we are richly blessed as a nation.

For a long term solution,
1. Let us invest in our young people by giving incentives for them to go into science courses, physics, math, engineering and nanotechnology instead of producing service oriented workers such as nurses and caregivers;
2. Improve our public transport system towards a commuter-friendly and efficient services and environment;
3. Give high sinner’s taxes for all products using crude oil, just like that of cigarettes and alcohols.

As of now, we could
1. Save on fuel usage by taking the public transport instead of using our cars, practice car pooling, walk instead of riding for short distance travels;
2. When shopping bring re-usable bags and refrain from using too much plastic bags (plastics are manufactured using crude oil by-products and the manufacturing process eats a lot of crude oil fuels);
3. Use naturally made soaps and detergents, and other cleaning substances in our kitchen, bath and toilets. Most of the soaps and detergents commercially marketed are made from crude oil byproducts.
4. Read instead of watching television for your entertainment and educational purposes.

By doing these, we could significantly reduced and soon totally eliminate our dependence to crude oil as source of energy.Through the above actions, we will stop willingly giving our moneys to the greedy giant oil companies, we will deny the terrorist middle-east their funding sources for terroristic activities. The time to act is now and let us look for better solutions!


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