Posted by: Jimely Flores | July 8, 2011

Sustainable Packaging: its application in the Philippines

Because of very high consumption rate demanded by the ever increasing population even for the developing world like the Philippines, savings are not just demanded in the use of the products and resources but also in packaging those products.
The throw-away society that characterizes the Philippines in the past four decades as a distorted part of the so-called urbanization and industrialization developments is starting to shift. The tipping point of change has been reached; sustainable packaging is starting to be followed albeit slow when compared to the movement in the developed world. Cellophane bags which had been freely given out in all the stores (big or small) are starting to be changed into recyclable grocery bags. Food and beverage stores are going into environment-friendly containers and bringing your own cup/container is being encouraged. Instead of the cheap plastic products, people are encouraged to go into natural-sourced packaging products that are biodegradable and/or recyclable like papers, ceramics, bottle and others.
The Health and Wellness Bazaar is one of those small stores which marketing practices embodied the real essence of sustainable packaging.
1. You can buy our dishwashing soap and fabric conditioner using your refillable dishwashing containers. This is of course cheaper because the cost of the bottle/container is already out of the cost of the product. These products are also formulated from materials which are friendly to the environment and to all living organisms.
2. We are shifting to reusable cotton bags instead of the wasteful plastic bags. The bags are not given free but the cost is minimal and using the bag will earn the clients’ points which could be used to purchase our products.
3. We as much as possible promote local natural products which entire supply chain encourages sustainable practices and low carbon and water footprint.
For more information please contact our store:
Health and Wellness Bazaar
Lingsat, San Fernando, La Union
Mobile: 09064300704


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