Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 12, 2012

Update of the Philippines’ Blue swimming crab Management Plan

The Philippines has just officially adopted the Blue swimming crab Management Plan last September 17, 2012 on the NFARMC meeting. Hats-off to BFAR for initiating and pushing it diligently until its adoption. The work had been about two years in the making but all the efforts of those who supported it, paid off. The bar had been set for the BSC fisheries in Asia… Congratulations! Following the adoption of the Management Plan would be another long process (but a needed process that engages all stakeholders from the crabbers to the traders to the importers and the managers), the adoption of the Fisheries Administrative Orders (FAOs) which would be the engine to the framework. In the FAOs would be the details of how the regulatory measures identified in the Management Plan would be implemented. However, the regulatory measures are not the only component of the Management Plan, there are also actions identified towards stock assessment, research and development and other measures necessary to fulfill the vision of a sustainable fisheries of the blue swimming crabs in the Philippines. Kudos to BFAR (Central Office and the Regional Offices of Region VI, VII, VIII and Region V), NFARMC, LGU’s, PACPI, NFI, SFP, and all the other participants who have supported the passing of the Management Plan.


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