Posted by: Jimely Flores | March 31, 2013

A day in a boat to Abra de Ilog

I am just among the crowd of passengers going to Mindoro. So many kids, maybe about half of the crowd. I am amazed to see most of them buying/eating instant noodles. The boat’s canteen is earning this trip. In my immediate front is a couple with a lot of baon (packed food) like spaghetti, fried fish, fried hotdog, fried chicken and pomfrets. Either this is their late lunch or afternoon snacks. Roaming my head, only a handful of us are not busy stuffing their mouths.
The boat leaves Batangas Port at 2PM and arrives at the port of Abra de Ilog after about two-and-a-half hour to 3hours. Shuttle vans moved the passengers further to Mamburao then bus going further to other towns.
Trip frequency is every two hours during peak season (holidays) and every four hours or sometimes very irregular during ordinary days but the sure times would be 10AM, 2PM and 8PM.
It is also very noisy with the chatters and the tv.
Tips to bring on this travel is fan, fan and hanky.
Just happy to be out asea again.


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