Posted by: Jimely Flores | July 28, 2013

Mindfulness meditations for hyperactive beings

Meditation is proven by science to be essential in the wellbeing of humans. Yet the practice of sitting still focusing on the breath, letting one’s mind go blank, or lying down focusing on the different body parts is always a struggle for a lot of people. I would say, this the rule rather than an exception. Thus, instead of helping relax the mind it only creates more anxiety to the person trying it. I could attest to it. I am a practitioner and i sometimes just can’t rein my mind from roaming.

During those restless moments, it is even more important to rest the mind. In my search for solutions, i found some really effective techniques. To name some:
1. Crocheting, particularly those patterns that are easy and repetitive.
2. Gardening
3. Quilling, paper folding.
4. Mail arts or any kind of art
5. Walking, ideally in parks. Don’t walk in highways and street with busy traffics.
There could be more, depending on the situation a person is in.

The no nos are watching tv and eating with obvious reasons.

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