Posted by: Jimely Flores | August 1, 2013

One afternoon to Mati, Davao Oriental

I rushed into Ecoland Terminal of Davao City, arrived there at 1400H, went through baggage check by a uniformed lady at the entrance. As usual in many rural areas of the Philippines, people are more relaxed that when i asked the Bachelor Express Bus Compay what time does the aircon bus to Mati arrived and leave, he answered me ‘soon the bus will be arriving and it wont stay stay long at the terminal,’ no time given. I waited and the bus arrives at around 1440H. The bus stayed for about 20minutes at the terminal. It traverses Davao City for an hour, passing the airport and seaports, before it reached Panabo City, Davao del Norte. It reached Tagum City at 1630H and got out of the terminal in about 30minutes. Amazing how the city of Tagum changed in a decade I missed going there. From a totally destitute place to a really beautiful and clean site. The public market seemed to have expanded as well.
We passed by the Municipalities of Maco, Compostela Valley. We were in Mabini municipality when all traffic stopped. Waited for three hours before i finally decided to go back to Tagum City. A big road accident happened preventing traffic flow to move on both sides of the highway.
Tagum’s hotels are full aside from the most expensive one. Imagine a rural city with a hotel’s standard room costing US$100.25 with a really standard facilities and service. I had lived in a much cheaper hotels with better amenities. Glasses in the restaurants even smelled of cockroach (yucky to the core). Restaurant servings are so small, taste so ordinary and so expensive. Got a good sleep though because of the extreme travel fatigue.
I continued on with the journey the next day.



  1. By the way trip from Davao City to Mati is usually about 5hours


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