Posted by: Jimely Flores | October 17, 2013

Friendly National Statistics Office Personnels

As a fisheries scientist and passionate active advocate of science-based and economically sound policies, recent and factual data is a must. Yet in most developing countries data is deficient and inaccessible. For us with deep foundation on fisheries management and wide experiences, such error are always factored in our decision and recommendations. However, most of those office and workshop policy workers, are not aware of it resulting to policies passed tha are not based on factual socio-economic realities and sound ecological and biological truths.

It is therefore a very nice surprise to go to the NSO and be received and kindly helped by the personnels without so much ado of who I am and where do I work. Just out of the field, with sunburned skins, unironed clothes and soiled sandals, we visited the NSO in East Avenue, Quezon City. To our nice surprised, which is in contrast to how most office personnel act, our request of data was immediately processed and the head of the office unit even sat and talked with us. She is Ms Nemecia Cuerdo. This is very different from our experiences in the past with other government offices when series of request letters, follow-up calls and visits and in the end not much data is obtained.

As suggested by Ms Cuerdo, we visited the NSO in Pureza St., Santa Mesa, Manila City. The same friendly attention were given to us by Ms Josie Barrozo, Ms Liza Roque and Ms Dodie Sitjar. Our request were received and the needed corresponding info to indicate in the request form was kindly provided. Though we still need to wait for the data, the reception was not the typical government office visit experience. So professional!

Then we went in the Library of NSO at the lower floor. The male Librarian acted with the same professionality as his colleagues. I could only say THANK YOU VERU MUCH AND I HOPE THEY WILL STAY NICE AND PROFESSIONAL. Such a very good service should be acknowledge and emulated by their peers from other offices.


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