Posted by: Jimely Flores | October 25, 2013

In Laoag City

T’was a lovely dawn. Traveling through EDSA to NAIA Terminal 2 was fast and easy. The one-hour flight was smooth.

In the arrival area of Laoag Airport, my bag came last and I had an amazing one hour of watching the seemingly unending line of balikbayan boxes coming out of the carousel. It appears a whole community is changing residence and the arrival of my small bag is to me the poetic closing of the carousel.

The free shuttle service bus was not available and I had no choice but to take a tricycle and pay 150pesos to the city center. I checked-in in Tiffany Hotel taking the room with a dining table to worked on, i could not work long slumped in a bed. The room was okay aside from the very uncomfortable noise of the aircon. It were really sleepless night. I complained to my companion the next day, he came to my room and slapped hard the motor, as if hurt, the loud ringing became a tolerable hum but the aircon flaps clapped loudly.

I am an Ilokana so I had been looking forward to really good meals. To my great frustration, most of the fine dining restaurants the hotel crews and the web recommended highly were (Saramsam and La Preciousa) just so-so. Foods were not even an inch of the original dishes. I am becoming hungry as the days went by, the saviour are the bananas that I brought back from my previous trips in Bikol.

My work schedule went very smoothly with new knowledge acquired about the fisheries resources, practices, culture and the people. I am so grateful on the friendly hospitality of the fishers and their families and the staffs of the Ilocos Norte Provincial Fisheries Office.


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