Posted by: Jimely Flores | October 31, 2013

Removing the remains of negative situations

This is the last day of October 2013. Much that I would like to believe everything went as nice and great as I dreamed of, negative events happened. We have to work with impossibly arrogant people, we are back bitten by impossibly insecure acquintances and/or simply people we do not know made rude gestures or comments, and anything that erased the smiles in our face. These negative events leave negative energies in our life.
To ensure that I will face the next month fresh and positive, this end of the month day will not end without a comprehensive inhale-exhale-cleansing exercise. Usually I do it before resting at night, but because I could not open my email and join our organization’s weekly update webinar, I decided this is the best time to do it.
Let me then share how. Sit comfortably in a silent location with your back straight. Inhale slowly and deeply while thinking of all the positive things you are hoping for, it could be personal or not. Hold your breath for at least 5 seconds or more or less depending on you. Exhale loudly and strongly while thinking of the negative events/memories. Do this as many as is practical to your.


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