Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 4, 2013

Challenges of Advising a FIP: my personal journey-series 3

Passion. Passion is one of the essential qualities an advisor of a FIP should have. Passion to help, passion for change, passion to work standing on the ethics and principles of good science and respect to other creatures. Passion is all I have. Passion kept me going despite all the struggles. Passion kept me standing against the rude attacks of the belligerent players. Passion is the only spice holding me into the role of a part time advisor to the philippines blue swimming crab FIP.

People who could not see that PASSION at work and sparking are those who are wearing horseblinders, focused on their own agenda clouded by ignorance, selfishness and arrogance.

The work is yet to be started. The Philippine Government through its fisheries agency, BFAR is delivering its part of the pie. But those people who are directly drinking juices from these resources should start to do their jobs. The real job, not the greenwashing activities. What we need to see (for now) are: 1. Truthful audit of the stock enhancement activities. That such will never become a threat to the natural biodiversity and balance of the ecosystems. 2. Transparency of compliance to the local laws and regulations on minimum sizes. 3. And please an IEC program that really educates the people and not a ‘papogi’ tool to present a haloed public image.

I therefore urge the stakeholders (all Pilipino) of these resources to be vigilant. Not to be fooled by the sweet talk of the people who are too focused on earning money. This is our resources and we all have the right to protect them.


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