Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 9, 2013

Reminders from the Forces of the Universe

At these times, mortals like me can only kneel down with head bowed, silently praying for all those victims of calamities that passed the country.

This last quarter of the year, Philippines had these reminders. First, it started in the North part of the country, several typhoons visited and wrecked the lives and livelihood of the people. Second is the earthquake in the Visayas, breaking the structures of faith, houses and lives of the Bisayas. And just now the typhoon haiyan with its 600-km eye and 275 gustiness,the sea went forth into the land drowning with it the remains of the howling wind and drenching rains. Most of the country is in a state of severe devastation, people lives are shattered. People not directly affected are worried of the friends and relatives.

These are reminders we are not the most powerful essence of the Universe, we are only a small part of the pie. Let us take off our cape of superiority and arrogance and start looking at the other aspects of the universe with respect.


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