Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 11, 2013

Examples of patience

Its 3 o’clock in the morning. The roosters had not sounded their dawn alarms yet, but the environs is getting filled up with happy chatters and scrumbling feets of the ringnet crews preparing to set asea. Despite being sleepy and tired from yesterdays full day at sea, i know i wont be able to sleep more with the noise and the thought that at 5AM its our time to start moving out asea also. With the help of my celfon as light, i get out of the bunk i am lying, reach out of my slippers inserted in between the bamboo wall hatches and went out to observed the regular dawn scene.

All ages are already out and helping the ringnet crews in the preparations of ice, buckets and other stuffs needed, some are chattering on the side watching the busy bodies discussing various events from national news to community gossips. Kids are even out either helping their oldies or just playing around with other kids. Despite being familiar with this, i am always awestruck by these extraordinary experience.

I am here for about eight days now. We are boarding a very small tuna fishing boat to observe their fishing techniques and life at sea.

For the 12hours we are at sea everyday, amidst the heat of the sun interpersed with pouring rains, howling wind, and chopping waves, he stayed happy and energetic. Continuously changing baits, hauling and setting lines after lines especially in the morning and afternoon. The lines are set steady for at most 20minutes only at mid day. It is only the baits that limits them from fishing. Most days we go home empty handed, all baits and dropstones are out. Few times we caught one albacore with just 2 on our luckiest day. Yet that didnt diminished the elegant composure of our fisher friend.

My gains on these trips are the knowledge and familiarity of hook and line fishing in this area. But more than that, the patience and joyful living despite the odds is the golden nuggets i picked. Now, everytime i experience a jam in my plans, I play that experience with them and it helps me become more accepting and peaceful. They are my best teacher on patience and choosing to live with joy irrespective of the circumstances.


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