Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 14, 2013

Ingrates and back stabbers are God’s intruments for my growth

My work advising a FIP introduced me to ingrates and back stabbers. I have worked with various projects participated by various people from different countries, races and culture but this is so far my worst encounter with people. Thankfully my colleagues in SFP are very kind and fair!

My colleagues in the organization described them as insecures and yes but there is more to it. I am also insecure in a lot of ways, who is not? But I never back stabs people just to make me the star. Colleagues’ ideas and works are well acknowledged, I never steal peoples ideas and works as my own, I never maliciously destroy one person so I could shine. After some readings, meditations and learning from psychology experts, I finally understand why…

With that understanding, came freedom. That I could give all my best and be professional yet I would still be treated with grudge and hostility. I could not change their attitudes towards me but I could change my attitudes towards such harsh treatment. I know despite this awakening, I will still be vulnerable so I make sure to limit the time I worked with them. I further make sure that just before every meeting, before sending emails, or doing any transactions with any of them, I at least had 30 minutes of meditations. After the meeting, I go into solitude and make 5 minutes of inhale-exhale exercises to get rid of all the negative vibrations. Then I center and recite my peaceful affirmations until I could feel the peace returns into my being.

At first, I tend to question God why such people hated me so much. Now I realized that those people are into my life to make me a better person. Their rough edges are actually making me a finer creation. And instead of questioning why, I am responding thank you for this opportunity to grow.


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