Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 18, 2013

What should be the IEC of a FIP

A Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) goal is to ensure the continuity of seafood supplies while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem and the resources. The FIPs workplans has an Information Education Component (IEC) as this will help them get collaborators and cooperators.

The Philippines’ fisheries industry is a pyramid in terms of the number of participants. The thousands artisanal fisherfolks comprise the base, followed by the traders, the picking plants and the processors at the apex.

Sometimes processors grouped together to implement a FIP. Despite the processors power of money, the success of the FIP hinges on the cooperation of the independent picking plants, traders and the fishers, and which should be bridged by the IEC. The IEC ‘message’ and ‘the messaging scheme’ should therefore focus on increasing the awareness of these stakeholders towards the realization of the FIP ‘goal.’ The ‘message’ should be framed in such a way that these stakeholders could relate their personal
knowledge and experiences to the essence of the ‘goal.’ The ‘messaging’ should also be interactive and creative so as to fully engage the stakeholders.

Lecture style is definitely not a good option. Focusing on the association is definitely committing the sins of whitewashing/greenwashing. I know that sometimes people dwell on things, the implementers has no control of, such as law enforcement and the need for financial assistance, etcetera. These are just indications that the IEC scheme being used is not the appropriate one.

Creating an IEC Program is a lot of challenge and the flow of creative juices suplemented by deep understanding of the biology and ecology of the crab resources, fisheries management concepts, local fisheries practices and the socio-cultural trait of the target audiences is a must. Competence of the FIP implementors should therefore be high. For those FIP Directors/Implementers whose capacity is not really good, I suggest that its best to hire an environmental/fisheries IEC specialist.


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