Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 8, 2014

Being grateful

I opened my eyes to witness the dawn giving way to the beautiful sunrise and smiled out of gratefulness for a new day added to my life.
I indulged in hearing birds chirping filling up the otherwise silent dawn.
I stood feeling the coldness of the earth sipping into my bare feet and felt gratefulness for the working nerves in my body.
I brewed my first morning coffee looking forward to be suffused by its sweet aroma and said thank you for such wonderful blessings.
Sipping my coffee, the realities of life started to fill in my thoughts.
I know the day will be full of challenges, but I was grateful for all these reminders that life is beautiful.
Now I am starting to turn off the devices that ruled most of my day.
Thankful that the love of the universe and its Creator never left me unable. I will close my eyes to rest with a smile. I am grateful.


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