Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 9, 2014

5 social tips to stay as winner

We are living in a complex world with more character variabilities than the human population. There is just no way we could confine our lives with the character traits we love because all of us have multiple character traits. So to avoid becoming stressed by these uncontrolled variables, its best to control our own behaviors.
1. Always be respectful. Do this, even if the other person is not respectable. You do not want to get down into their unagreeable level.
2. Never assume. Be explicit in your wants and requests. If there is something just a bit unclear, ask respectfully. Some will continue to be evasive, if that is the case and the matter is answerable by yes or no, consider the answer that is most profitable to the subject person.
3. Broaden your perspective. The environment and culture where we grow up is significant in molding a person, check that background if possible. Try putting your feet in the other’s shoes, as the saying goes and be honest to yourself.
4. Forget about changing others. You are only responsible to your self. Improve yourself and others will never affect you.
5. Avoid difficult people. Limit your interaction with them as much as possible. If dealing with them longer than you could suffer alone could not be avoided, bring a positive person to help you bring up the good vibes.

Enjoy the year 2014 and take one day at a time. You are a wonderful and unique creation of a loving God.


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