Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 9, 2014

Meditation: shelling peanuts

I bought a sack of organically grown native variety of peanuts from a friend, without a plan on what will I do with them. Living solo means a sack of peanuts would be just too much for a short time period consumption, storing it for long would mean danger on aflatoxin.

I am amused with my impulsive action of buying too much just because of their perfect qualities. Nowadays, its a rare occurence to find food products so good, cheap and from very reliable healthy and eco-responsible farming practices. So i just got too excited.

Now I am dazed on the thought of what to do with it. I am not a peanut butter fan, I could not eat a lot of roasted peanuts because of my TMJ disorder and I only love them boiled or steamed till the flesh is soft which is hard to do for the dried ones. I need more meditative moments on this.

For now, I am making use of the opportunity to spend my meditative hours in shelling them. Loving the hardness of their shell against my fingers and hearing them crack as I put pressure into them. For days now I have spent hours loving this task and my fingers have developed calluses from it. Yet I am happy to still have a half sack of it and looking forward to the minutes I lost myself in shelling them, filling the air with their peanuty aroma and cracking of shells lulling me into mindless awareness of here and now.

Before this, I only see peanuts as a yummy food. Now I am discovering many interesting facets of their form and existence. Never again will I just think of them as food without recognizing the uniqueness of each individual seed and the complexity of its existence. I am grateful for its contribution to my wellbeing and mankind in general. A thankful attitude to each of the seed I will intake is the least I could show to appreciate this very nutritious food.


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