Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 10, 2014

Morning Dilemma

The hardest part of the day to live life is in the morning during the time we decide to get out of bed. Not all of course, but lots are starting to feel the anxieties of work, of traffic jams, of families, of lovelife, of anything under the sun.

I am no different from the rest of the clan. And when the getting gets rough, I usually procrastinate getting up hoping the late hours would vanish my worries. Its a stupid solution, it is actually a dangerous icing to an already super sweetened flour cake.

So I decided to change slowly but surely.  I invested on an audiobook in self affirmation, upload it to my old celfon (that means removing everything from the celfon memory to give way to my affirmation), put it near me at night for easy access in the morning. I made it a habit to play it upon waking up and getting out of bed. I am not sure if it is effective. The worries are still there but I was able to make better use of my 30minutes getting up procrastination.

I do not do it anymore because the celfon finally gave in. But
I could say it could be a tool to taking responsibility of your life.


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