Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 11, 2014

Disclaimer for this blogsite

All the contents (opinion, information, errors, blunders and love) of this blog is the sole responsibility of the blogger (unless I will be hacked which luckily, to my limited knowledge, I am not).
All of the organizations I am working with and connected with, have no connection whatsoever to its content.

I love and welcome comments, correction and criticisms directed to me. Please bark at the right tree. Airing complaints to other innocent people is very unethical. I welcome criticism with open heart, brain and mind. Thank you for reading my blogs! May I beseech all my readers and critics to openly comment on the space provided. That is the purpose of this comment section. I am very happy to correct errors if such exist.

I am not getting remuneration for blogging, this is an expression of my soul and principles. In fact, in most of my soliloquy moments here, my stomach are empty and grumbling for food as it is becoming harder for me to pay for it (maybe the reason for most grammatical snd spelling errors) but my principles are intact and solid; hungry or not, with or without job!


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