Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 21, 2014

I love to see the days when

Meditating with my cups of morning coffee today, these thoughts kept on dancing in my consciousness.

I love to see the days when in strive for:
♥ Cleanliness, you dont throw your garbages in your neighbor’s yard;
♥ Social acceptance and friendship, you dont gossip about other people;
♥ Job security, you stop being a lapdog;
♥ Filling your palate with delicious food, you first ask the owner before you avail of the fruits of her/his garden;
♥ Expressing your love for music, you dont create noisy surroundings;
♥ Joy out of smoking, you dont cause other people to suffer from allergy
These are the wishes as a result of my past, recent and everyday experiences dealing with and observing people. I am thankful also for these solid reminders of how I do not want to be as I continue with the remaining phase of my life.


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