Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 15, 2014

I am blessed-2

Fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the career path I followed, I grounded my entire two feet on the ground. I never expected any job security nor constant flow of income and I chose a very simple thrifty lifestyle.

In my quest for truth and knowledge, I am blessed with the friendships of hunger and poverty, lose of assumed friendships and gained true friends. I have traversed the unknown path, sometimes losing my way, fall down, hurt, broken, stab in the back… But I always emerged with a strengthened spirit, secure in the truth that God is always there with me, and embracing the love and care of true friends and kind people.

As the dawn gives way to morning, my gratitude overflows because I know I am blessed. I still do not know what this path leads but I am secure I am not alone and blessings will be constantly flowing.


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