Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 15, 2014

Untruthful reporting for the Philippines BSC industry-2

The first series was entitled Mis-information malaises in the news for the BSC Philippines industry. published in this blog on 07 December 2013. Please refer to it for the background of this follow up article.

Since I started correcting the false reports regarding the official adoption of the Joint Administrative Order, cascading events had happened, head rolled, organizations were put into hot seats. Are these consequences of the lie perpetuated by this person in the said industry who wrote untruthful reports and passed on to the innocent press who in turn believed that the articles speaks of the whole truth as it is coming from a well respected institution? Unfortunately not all of the facts presented are true.

Misleading the innocent public, your superiors and colleagues with untrue reports is very unprofessional. Using your organization’s name to perpetuate lies is even worst. Sometimes this could also be seen as underhanded manipulation. The blindfolded weighing scale of the Universe favors the TRUTH.

We, Filipinos, would like to see that law enacted. But it has to undergo the rigorous processes of consultation, and that is what is happening now. Consultation is a process to help make any law robust, practical and fair and it is even one of the parameters used to measure a country’s economic standing. Obviously, this lier may not be a Filipino and do not respect our laws.

My suggestions:
1. For the BSC industry: advise this person to stay TRUTHFUL , it is always good to prepare press releases but strive to be a courier of truth and not a harbinger of lies and malice, and
2. For the consumers: to stay watchful for any green washed hues.


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