Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 16, 2014

How not to be bored

With all the different media surrounding us, boredom should not be a popular word, yet ‘i am bored’ is typically heard from people. I was even shocked to hear it from a 5-years old kid while holding on to his mother’s tablet playing game.

So I got curious about it. I searched my life for my bored moments. I am surprised that I mostly have the bored times in a crowd. I went further, I asked friends of their bored moments and I got diverse answers. So boredom is really personal. Yet I thought there should be at least some general solution in avoiding boredom. And the more i think about it, it suddenly came to me…. laugh, laugh laugh if its safe or just smile if laughing would be uncomfortable…. and the heavy feeling of boredom is eased up. Then you could think on what to do afterwards to fully get out of being bored.


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