Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 13, 2014

The Daily Practice of Gratefulness

I woke up healthy and well, grateful for a restful refreshing sleep.
Thankful for my body for its very efficient intake and waste management, fully aware that it will continue to function for my healthy and strong body.
As I am making my usual coffee out of bed routine, I am saying thank you for the loving people involved in the complete life cycle/value chain of the coffee I will soon to drink. Thankful also for those involved in the creation of my coffee machine and the electricity system allowing me to conveniently enjoy my out of bed morning coffee.
Grateful of the house I am living in as I go around to prepare for my longday journey. Grateful for the LPG, for the clean water and for everything that enables me to enjoy my morning refreshing bath.
Praying my thank you for a safe journey, nice taxi driver, kind airport employees and fantastic co-travelers as I pick up my bag and started getting out of the house.
As I lock my doors, I am saying thank you for all good forces of the Universe for keeping my abode secure while I am out.
On my way to the airport, thankful for a patient driver staying cool and composed amidst the heavy traffic, I am also saying my thank you prayers for a successful and safe and wonderful travel, fully expecting that my purpose will be excellently accomplished and the doors of blessings will always stay open for me and everybody I will come in contact with.
It is indeed a beautiful life and I am so much grateful, Thank you!


Pomegranates in Hyderabad


Parade, General Santos City, Philipines


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