Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 7, 2015

I welcome the year 2015 with gratitude

Its the start of the calendar year 2015. While traveling on the bus (right now) musing on the past year 2014 wonderful revelations, I can not suppressed the smile to come out. The year 2014 was the conclusion of really three turbulent working years. I frontally witnessed how greed, insecurity, and rudeness come into play. I have come to learn that social status and wealth can not buy good manners and upright character through coming in contact with such characters; in the past I only hear and see them in the news. I am so grateful I welcome this 2015 totally cleansed from all the negative vibrations of such involvement. I learnt so much and the process made me wiser and more aware.

I am now excited to walk new paths, learn new lessons, love new experiences and enjoy all the seasons life’s brings. I love life and I believe life supports me all through out. Smiles and love for 2015.


Stone collection in Luna La Union


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