Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 18, 2015



A glass wall separates me from the good coffee while i could only have the instant bland one expensively sold by AirAsia.

After a night-long of bus travel going straight to NAIA Terminal4 for my flight through AirAsia and looking forward to a nice cup of good real coffee. I arrive too early and checkin counter of Air Asia is not yet open and its just 2.5hours before the departure time. The line is already very long and some are starting to fret. After an hour, the door to the international departure opened but still no checkin. Passengers are directed to the travel tax payment counter before queing up for the still close checkin.

Exactly 1.5hours before indicated departure, the checkin opened and the long line started to move slowly. The thought of a good coffee sip keeps me looking forward to the end of the line. And then finally I enter the departure area. I immediately look for the connecting door to the fomedtic departure where the good coffee are waiting for me. To my greatest disappointment, there is no door! My dream of drinking good cup of coffee is a glass wall away!

With a disappointed heart, I went to Air Asia kiosk, the only one offering good inside (what a MAFIA!) But no good coffee, only instant bland ones! I could fret but what then?

So I bought the expensive bland instant coffee and started sipoing it with closed eyes imagining I am drinking the good coffee offered by the store infront of me.


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