Posted by: Jimely Flores | January 18, 2015

My journey to learning how to learn

I am one of those who despite their advance age is still looking forward to learning new skills, discovering new worlds and indulging in new experiences. Yet I also am afflicted by the common woes of learners, procrastination, writer’s block, loss of enthusiasm and worst loss of interest.

When I saw the MOOC Course through Coursera offered by the University of California, San Diego on Learning How To Learn, my interest was perked so I immediately enrolled in the course. Through it I learn several techniques, one of which is the Pomodoro Technique, instead of the 25minutes focused worked, i tried the 2hours intense focused work as I thought the 25minutes might be too short for me. This I plan to do for 21 days as most self-help authors are recommending 21days at least to develop a habit. I could not make it consecutively on the first week because I am on several travels and meetings.

1st day
I am still on my first day today, pushing myself to write amidst the noise in the airport and the very cold temperature (I am a warm climate loving person). Adding anxiety to the situation, I just dropped my front teeth denture while eating my lunch. I am now sporting a no tooth smile.

2nd day
The alarm went off at the time I set to remind me its time to start working. I got my pen ready and bunches of blank papers and started doodling as I cant seem to find the words to start with. My doodles turned into words and formed into sentences. I find it hard not to edit while working and so I did waste some of the time editing but got aware of it before the alarm set off for the 2-hours. Editing while writing is one of the no-no’s advised by writers.

3rd day
This is my third day on my way to create the 2hours writing habit using the Pomodoro Technique. It was really not much of a struggle. I hope that I am now internalizing the habit and not just because I am actually inspired. I met some of the people, whose company and friendship I cherished, for a few days. Too short really but it had been refreshing. And then I read an article that journaling also boost one person’s mood. Whether its a combination of the three mentioned events, I am quite happy and grateful for all the blessings.

4th day
I needed to sit and really work on something very stressful, fully aware that my efforts here may just go to waste, yet I do not have the heart to quit knowing that the future ecosystem and population integrity of the Philippines blue swimming crab stocks is at risk with the irresponsible fisheries improvement activities of the industry such as stock enhancement and greenwashing news coverages. I know that my livelihood (job) is at risk by these articles yet not eating for a few days because of no income is something very insignificant compared with a future of destroyed ecosystem and depleted natural resources. I needed to do this not for finances sake but for my peace of soul. I pray for the Universe protection.



  1. Unethical complaints had been made on the non-authors of this blog. For my beloved readers whose opinions are different from mine, please be human enough (do not be unfair with the lovely beautiful birds) to speak out your opinion in a respectful, ethical, professional manner. For the mean time, I will not name names while my cup is half empty with dismay.


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