Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 4, 2015

Thought I was alone

During the 2010 presidential election in the Philippines, most Pilipinos went gaga over the candidacy of Benigno Aquino III. Most thought because of his clean background he would be a good leader. I thought otherwise. In his long term in the Lower House of Congress as representative of Tarlac, he never did a dent, nothing was recorded as accomplishment. He was just one of the boys who were getting money from the poor workers taxes and gave nothing in return. Same story when he was a Senator for long years. He never did nor said anything of good substance. Lito Lapid and the other showbiz personalities in the same house had even fared well and worked better than him. He was a fence sitter who once again wasted the taxes of the Pilipino people. Despite having a zero record of accomplishment (maybe that meant clean record by the people who voted for him) he became the president of the Philippines. It was the start of mourning for us, Pilipinos, whose love for decency, freedom and intelligence is high.

Since then, nothing seemed to be handled right. Just after the election in 2010, the hostage of HK Tourists in the City of Manila was a mess. It could have been just a localized event/issue had the President, in his eagerness for stardom, took over with his fiddle-faddle strategies. And so on and so forth, this Benigno Aquino III is a perfect emblem of an incompetent, star strucked, nonsense government (just searched the world wide web of how this could be true). I am proud not to vote for him but still so sad I was right! And its just now that I fully realized this time I am not alone in my opinions and observations.


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