Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 22, 2015

Sunday: My Market Day

Its Sunday, I woke up from the bells and prayers of the Muslim Church in my neighborhood, indicating it is now about four in the morning. Refreshed from a good night rest, I joyously grab my market bags and food containers and walked to the market, a few kilometers away. This early, I usually walk instead of riding the taxi to enjoy the cool morning breeze.
Looking forward with eager anticipation of the surprises my market day usually brings, my steps are long and brisks.
As usual, I went to the fresh vegetable section first. Then into the seafood section. I moved around to look at the marine organisms and farmed species. On my round, I saw some albacore (not a common sight in the market) which is really very interesting, and then the usual fishes such as milkfish, bigeyed scad, roundscads, other species of tunas in all their life stages from babies to adult, and of course the perennial presence of immature blue swimming crabs. Among all the seafoods mentioned, only the blue swimming crabs are not supposed to be sold and process as in their immature life stage as per the national management plan posted in the BFAR website.
I, of course, just bought some mahi-mahi which I requested the seller to fillet for me, some seaweeds, and mollusks. I considered it as a very interesting market day because of the albacore but also a depressing one because of the immature blue swimming crabs.
image Berried blue swimming crab in the domestic market

image Immature blue swimming crab in the Philippines domestic market



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