Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 23, 2015

A Trauma in the Trauma Center

Sunday, aside from being my market day, its mostly my gardening day. I love tending my wild garden, be it raining or sun-scorching Sunday. Just before I rest for lunch, an insect went inside my left ear and happily moving around hurting me with some new really painful sensations. Not wasting time, I just clean my hands and went into the emergency of the hospital on my gardening attire.
I went first to one of the elite hospital hoping i will get immediate treatment. The guards, seeing me in a not so elite attire, hesitated to let me in until I explained it to them patiently what I need. The same hesitation was given my way in the reception but this time, I briskly tell them what I need and hurray, attention is given to me.unfortunately being a Sunday, no ENT Specialist is around but they let me know there is only one hospital that has an ENT Specialist on duty. The hospital is one of the biggest public hospital in town. I hesitated as I percieved government hospitals to be very crowded.
I, instead, went to an elite chinese hospital; hoping I will be lucky. Unfortunately, the same hesitations and answers were given to me.
So out of desperation, I went to the recommended hospital. To my surprise, the buildings and the environment are nice and not the dilapidated look I somehow thought of. I went to the ER but the guard told me my case should be in the Trauma Section. I felt relief, expecting i have avoided meeting the sick by going into the Trauma section. To my worst surprise, the sight opened to me are lines of bleeding men and women with the cries of the grievers filling the silent air. Did I miss a war or ambush news? but no, the guard said  its a normal occurence and its even the lean hours. Feeling slightly dazed and sick up to my core, not because of the insect in my ear, but because of the hundred bodies of wounded people with their linens soaked in blood, few are already fully covered (dead) and some are still holding on to dear life. I went through the long bureaucratic process like a zombie until I was finally led to the ENT.
Closing my eyes to the crowd around me, I let the doctor and nurses took care of removing the ant in my ear. Thanking profusely the doctor and nurses, I went to the billing and cashier sections also expressing my gratitude this time with a smile as their place seemed to be out of the death section. But I still need to go back to where I entered for the discharge process needed. Not having any pain this time, I was able to see how the only lady nurse is working efficiently along and alone amidst the crowd of rapidly growing patients. She was very efficient, cool and such so helpful, I believe I am looking at an angel. I looked at her name tag and tried banking it into my memories exactly for this blog, to my consternation I could not fully remember her name anymore. Its so sad that I could not name the Angel I saw that moment. I know however that I will recognized her when I see her in other places, then maybe I could tell her straight to her eyes with a relax smile that she is an angel. Maybe someday.
This event also reminded me to be very careful and understanding in dealing with people particularly strangers, as I may not be aware of how their moments are unfolding. Its a sad reminder and though I consider that Trauma Section traumatic, I still see it as full of lessons I need to internalize, to pause and be still when I met a not-so-nice stranger.
The ant is now out of my ears though I am still using some antibiotic as the doctor suspected I was bitten, yet the experiences and lessons i gained was worth more than the expenses and trauma I incurred. Still, I thank you universe for the loving support and care.



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