Posted by: Jimely Flores | February 24, 2015

You are the present day Goliath

You heard of me just before we met,
Though I’m not sure what the infos were.
You developed an impression then
Though you might not be aware of it.

We met.
You talked, I listened.
You asked questions, I answered with scientific honesty.
You asked for informations, I provided you with literatures.
You gossiped and badmouthed others, I was silent.

I thought you were smart and a quick learner
I also thought you were nice
I was absolutely wrong.
So I blocked you out of my circle.

After all these years, despite my utter silence
You continue to belittle and insult me (and others),
To other people through emails (and more, for sure)

You think you are untouchable?
You think you are a giant? Yes, the Goliath of today!
Bullying only those you think are in the lower castes
Greedy for power and crowd adulation
But insecure and a coward to the core.

I can only pity your existence.
I pray someday soon
You will see the light and reform your ways
And give peace to those you are oppresing.


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