Posted by: Jimely Flores | March 13, 2015

Its Midnight

Having no deadline to work on, no skype calls to wait for and no radio program to look forward listening to, I went offline from the world wide web, picked up a great book, laid my back on the bed and read. I am aslept in a matter of minutes.

I am now fully awake and its midnight. As usual, my mind is in its most active moment at these hours. I dreamed of a dead palace underwater. Most of its very diverse big inhabitants are gone aside from bacteria, fungi, and maybe viruses around. The place is just a mess of plastics in various forms, kinds and shapes. Nets of different mesh sizes and forms are also prominent. Taking a close look at the net I am stepping on, its definitely one of the gillnet types. It must have been newly washed into the deep from ashore as it has different epiphytes from the definitely settled ones. I stayed longer hoping to see at least one bigger organism to dart by, but my stillness is met by deep silence. Its scary for somebody like me who used to love the beauty and diversity of the underwater world.

While writing this, the feeling of emptiness still pervades. Its a very lonely ugly world in there. Is that the future of the underwater world humanity will soon create? Its midnight.



  1. Thank you Hey Han for liking this piece!


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