Posted by: Jimely Flores | November 4, 2015

Miracle of life!

After a month-long of continous traveling, on the last few hours remaining, strange searing steady pain in my abdomen started. It accompanied chilling and a slight fever. I first thought its because of the food or water, but the symptoms seemed changing in a different direction.
Alarmed with the unusual circumstances, I went to the emergency department of a hospital. This is my second time to go in the emergency, first is my ear-intimate experience with a garden ant.
Its a learning experience how the doctors were eliminating the probabilities. Being a science practitioner, understanding what they were doing was a relief and the assurance that I wont be haphazardly subjected under the knife unnecessarily. Though I still fear the possibility of being opened, I tried focusing on getting well and let the experts do their job knowing the best will come out.
Meditations and prayers from real friends and family won. The inflammation is only some decimal fraction below the operable limit and my body and spirit are fighting the infection amazingly so well. After a few days, the doctors and nurses had to say goodbye and the friendly smiles and good wishes they send my way are treasures that will help in my recovery.
As I am writing this, I could only feel gratefulness for all the care of the hospital health practitioners and doctors, my mother, nephew, sister and some friends personal care and company, and my sisters and friends and others (church members) and the universe prayers of good wishes and fast healing and recovery. For me its another miracle of life and I am very thankful


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