Posted by: Jimely Flores | May 28, 2016

Philippines’ sardine supply chain: consumed product

Sardines in the Philippines is more known for its canned product-form in tomato sauce rather than part of the fresh fish commodities, when people refer ro the word sardines (sardinas) it almost always refer to those in cans sold in almost all stores in the country from the sari-sari community stores to the high end big supermarkets in the metrropolis. Cost of canned sardines typically sold in mass markets ranges from PhP10-20 depending on the size and type of the sauce used.
Another process product sardines is known for is salted dried. Salted dried is a way of processing the sardines and other highly seasonal fishes that needs less capital input. This is very common as a community small-scale industry. The main ingredient needed here is just plenty of salt and sunlight. There were however cases that even salt is not plenty enough to supply the needs of the fish salted and dried industry. Usual market prices is PhP200.00 per kilo but due to its saltiness one could only eat 2 or three pieces a meal. Dried salted sardines just like its canned form is found in most markets and one of the favored fish delicacy in remote landlocked areas.


Dried sardines

Going up the ladder of market value, still another commonly known process product of sardines is salted-smoked. This product is more expensive than the first two forms. Distribution is also more limited because of its shorter shelf life. Prices per kilo in the local markets ranges from 300 and up per kilo.
The most expensive product out of the sardines is the bottled ones. The bottles are usually with oil such as corn, canola or olive oil. Cost per bottle of only about 8-10 ounces ranges from PhP80-120. Customers patronizing this sardines product form are mostly the middle class and the elites.
Fresh whole sardines is also sold in the local market and groceries but such are not so common and abundant and its price is way below most of the other types of fish. In markets near the landing sites prices could go as low as PhP10.00 per kilo and in the metropolis as high as PhP100.00 per kilo in the big supermarkets.


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