Posted by: Jimely Flores | June 10, 2018

My fish markets adventure: sampling control

The great advantage of not being a part of the office employed sector is freedom to learn and to move, freedom to create and carve one’s path, freedom to think without the pattern set by a travel agenda, freedom to exercise freedom.

Since the onset of banning and closed season without strong science and economic support and no deeper thoughts given on how to solve the possible consequences, my not so planned visits to market is revealing worrisome presence of obviously imported fishes in the local markets. Keeping a mental records of those is the only thing I did.

Now with my free time and spirit, I am embarking on a strategic market visits. I started with the big market closest to me, Baguio City. To observe the actual start of a fish trading day, I walked into the fish truckers bagsakan at around 5 o’clock in the morning where and when the fish distribution starts. As usual, tilapia and bangus dominate the fish supplies. then “imelda” called freshwater maya-maya, roundscads and flying fishes are the next most abundant group. There are few of the other marine fishes. Confirming my fears are truckloads of imported fishes with cartoons of Vietnamese and chinese characters written in them. They are Pangasius, japanese mackerels and salmon heads and trimmings.

I thought this is definitely my sampling control being a big city and in the mountains. My next trips are in the big coastal cities.


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