Posted by: Jimely Flores | August 2, 2018

Thankful of the great blessings continuously pouring

It was whirlwind of change – getting to know more of myself, other people, letting go of the toxic and non-essentials while welcoming new friends and better opportunities.
At first, the realization that many people are just so toxic and worst, some of them were even people I trusted only to realize they are in fact not worthy of it … made me stop in my track but then …
The love of the Universe poured into me the rain of blessings in the form of new friends whose aura are clearly without the pretentious halo of those others, a new work that keeps me look forward to new possibilities, and fresh eyes excited to enter new opportunities.
With a refreshed awareness of the now… I am welcoming with open arms and up-tilted head the great blessings continuously pouring into my life… with my whole being strongly resonating within the frequency of utmost gratefulness.
Thank you very much Universe … and am always thankful as I continue with my journey in this life.

trees bending with the wind in Wilmington, USA


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