Posted by: Jimely Flores | October 23, 2018

EDF Philippines started scoping in Lagonoy Gulf

EDF scoping in Tiwi Mao

#fish-huggers@Tiwi Municpal Agriculture Office (photo by Dr. Jose Ingles)

Environmental Defense Fund in the Philippines (EDF Philippines aka #fish-huggers) chose to work in Lagonoy Gulf as one of its pilot site into helping the stakeholders come up with a truly people-and-resources-centered fisheries management plan that incorporates the capacity of the fisheries resources and economic goals of the resource-users using science, economics equity, and transparent good governance.

Because EDF incorporates science in its way of doing things, the lean team is starting with strategic scoping guided by its toolkit ( This way, the results would be well-documented and the methodologies replicate-able.

The first site we landed on is the Municipality of Tiwi and it is a great learning experience talking with the Fisheries Technician (in the photo, photo was taken by Dr. Jose Ingles as part of the team) and his colleagues. It is a journey to look forward to and I am sure the lessons and knowledge I will be gleaning would exponentially enriched my knowledge and personality.


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